4 Amazing Church Decoration Ideas for Your Wedding Your Guests Will Love It


With the big day almost here, you’ll have decoration ideas to think about. The church is often the place that many people forget about, but you don’t have to. With these four amazing options, you’ll have wedding decoration ideas your guests will adore.

Your big day is coming up and now you need to think about decorating your venue. While the hotels and stately homes tend to take care of most of it themselves, churches are a completely different matter. Here’s a look at four amazing church decorations ideas that you and your wedding guests will love.

Get a Wedding Tent

Take your wedding slightly outside the church but still on the grounds with a wedding tent. There are plenty of wedding rentals that will help you get this. You can enjoy the summer heat or the spring breeze, and make your guests feel more comfortable—not everyone will enjoy the inside church setting.

The tent is there to protect everyone from getting wet just in case it rains. If you know you’re likely to have great weather, you could brave it with a wedding rental supplier that has an archway or pillars available instead. Do it all in the sun.

Dress Up Your Chairs and Tables in a Funky Way

Everyone tends to go with the basic table and chair covers for weddings, but you can step further. Pick a theme and dress the chairs and tables up with that theme.

You both may love comic books, so you can give your tables a character theme. You can add characters to the end of pews in the church or pin them to the back of the chair sashes. Take your theme and run away with the ideas. The quirkiness will be memorable for all your guests.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

Look for a wedding rental supplier that offers red carpets or other similar items. This is perfect to walk down the aisle on, making it feel like you’re in Hollywood. You can even have the red carpet added just before the bride walks in, making sure nobody steps on it before she does.

If the red carpet doesn’t work and you want to stick with inside the church, why not have an archway to walk under right at the doorway?

Have Decorative Favors for Your Guests

It’s not all about the actual church decorations but items for your guests. Take your theme and build a decorative favor idea from them. You’ve killed two birds with one stone with this idea! Your guests have something to remember about your wedding forever.

Check out decoration suppliers to find out what they can offer to help with this. You may need to source the material and make your own.

It’s time to think more about your church decoration ideas for your wedding day. Remember that this is all about you and your partner, so make sure every part of the day is something you’re happy with.

When it comes to wedding rentals, make sure you check out the American Rental Association of Chicago. You’ll find the most highly reputable and recommended wedding rental supplier for your wedding decoration needs.


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