How Rental Associations Can Help You Find the Right Rentals for Halloween

Halloween is one of the favorite American holidays. With the enchanting fall weather, all the costumes, trick-or-treating, and sumptuous assortment of delicacies, it is easy to see why the holiday has kids and adults excited alike. It is one thing to get all dolled up and head out to party for Halloween, but hosting one yourself can be a whole different ball game.


If you are planning a Halloween party this October 31st, a little smart planning and assistance from the right party rental store can make sure you set up a memorable event without burning yourself out. Here’s how:

The Planning

Even if you are going to go the rentals way, there are a couple of things you’ll have to put your mind to so that those assisting you can put together a flawless show for you:

  • The Location: Are you going to have the party in a graveyard, a haunted mansion, outdoors or at your own home? If you choose the latter, would you like to add a spooky touch to make the venue Halloween-y enough?
  • The Guest: Is it going to be an adult-only or kids-only party? Or do you want a mix of both? You need to have your guest list sorted way beforehand.
  • The Date and Time: Do you want to host the party on Halloween or the weekend before it? When will the party start and by what time is it likely to end?
  • Theme: Is there going to be a central theme to your party with related décor, games and activities etc. or do you want a more casual event where everyone can just do their own thing?
  • Food and Drinks: Do you want to go the traditional pumpkin pie and mulled wine way or do you want to serve food with a modern twist? Also, do plan to cook the entire meal yourself or will you be outsourcing that job?
  • Games: Are there going to be any spooky games to keep your guests on the edge of their seats?

Rent it Out

If you get down to doing everything from scratch, your Halloween event will only clutter your home and your mind, which just defeats the whole idea of a holiday. In today’s time and age, when time is a luxury and almost everything you need is a click away, party planning doesn’t have to be stressful at all.

Renting items for your Halloween party is a hassle-free way to get everything you need without the unnecessary expense of buying, the scuttle of borrowing stuff to put together a homogenous event or the ordeal of storing away the reusables in the limited space of your home afterwards. From Halloween decorations to costumes, chafing dishes, silverware and dishes, tables, chairs, linen, and even food can be all outsourced with the help of right rental services.

Visit American Rental Association of Chicago to find American Rental Association member stores in your area. The Chicago-based rental association has a vast directory of rental stores offering a whole host of part rentals, giving you the liberty to pick ones that fits your requirement and budget.


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