The exciting time of year where students prepare for their final thesis, final projects and exams and the time to get ready to place the tassel on the graduated side of their cap has arrived. Of course, it’s graduation season that we’re talking about, and this means that your graduate is going to have a grad party that needs party rentals. We want to share a list of potential items you might need for your graduation party equipment rent.


graduation party
graduation party rental


Party Tent – Depending on the size and location of your graduation party, you might need a party tent. It’s a hot time of year come to the end of May, and your guests will need some shade.

party rental
party rental

Table Rentals – Having tables to sit at is essential to a great grad party. Plenty of guests will be eating, and tables must be on your party rentals list. Also, consider tablecloth rentals as well.

Table Rental
Table Rental

Chair Rentals – If you’re going to have tables, then you’ll need chairs. Even if not at the tables, just having to seat available throughout the event is great for enjoyment.

Chair Rentals

Portable Bar – It’s not a party without a bar. Renting a portable bar is convenient, fun, and takes your party to another level.

outdoor portable bars chicago
outdoor portable bars chicago

These are just a few event rentals that you could have for your graduation party. Having a setup for your party helps to ease the stress, and guarantees a great party.  Having a shaded area with seating available are just two components to a great party, the other aspect is having a great host, but you’ve got that down already! If you’re in need of partyequipment rental store   for your graduation party, please feel free to contact us over American rental association of Chicago over website www.arachicagoland.org support 24/7 in all day


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