Affordable priced Construction Equipment on Rental in Chicago

Many contractors find it more cost effective and less stressful to rent heavy equipment and specialized tools on a project basis instead of buying them. This decision makes sense. If we think such equipment costs money even when it is not in use, because it needs to be stored and maintained, so you can use it again whenever a new project calls for it. If you know where to look, construction equipment on rent is your rental association is the place. It is more convenient for many business owners, so they have no reason to think about purchasing their own equipment, at least not before having enough workload to justify it

heavy equipment rental
heavy equipment rental

How our rental membersTool Rental Services Help Contractors?

We have a wide range of equipment available for rent. All details about each piece of equipment, tool or device is stored into a searchable database, so all you need to do in order to find the tool you need is to use the search engine integrated in our website.

If we do have it, you can send us an Enquiry for reservation. There’s a special form on our website to help you sort this out. You fill in the form with all details of your request and send it to us. Our staff will get back to you with the confirmation of your reservation. We provide this service absolutely free of charge and without any obligation from your side. If you change your mind about renting, you won’t have to pay anything. It would just be nice to let us know as soon as you can, so we can free that piece of equipment for other potential customers who may need it.

What Kind of Equipment You Can Rent from’s associate rental members?

Tool Rental

We cover a wide range of equipment and tools, from air powered hammers, drills, and nailers to excavators, loaders, and backhoes, scaffolding or welders, and accessories. You can use our services and take advantage of our construction equipment rental rates Chicago in any of our two locations in Chicago, Illinois.

construction equipment rental
construction equipment rental

All tools and equipment are accompanied by documentation, user manuals and explanatory videos, so you won’t have any problem in operating them properly. If, for some reason, you encounter problems, you are welcome to give us a call. Our experienced technicians will help you sort out your issues promptly and in a professional and customer-oriented manner.

At ARACHICAGOLAND, we take pride in being a native   Rental Association. We do care about this, therefore we do all our staff hirings from Chicago. Besides, we have a tradition is supporting churches, local schools and other institutions. For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, either by phone or face to face. We are happy to meet your needs on equipment rental.


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